Pushkar - An Odyssey 

At the crack of dawn, Rajasthan is an endless caravan of crimson skies and golden sands. Every ripple in the sand dunes unveils fascinating aspects of the folk lifestyle. The shifting footprints of the camels at this warm hour highlight the colours of the Indian mystique.

Traditionally the camel keepers are wanderers, who continue to practice their age-old profession of camel keeping. Hundreds of turbaned men and veiled women have converged at the fair, this season.

While the men look after their herds, women weave exquisite ornaments and jewellery adding colours to the barren landscape. 

I met Leela, a woman of 42. Living out of a makeshift tent with her family of 4. Bearing the harsh temperatures of the Thar Desert, they travelled 200 kms to sell some livestock at the old fair. 

A long wandering and eventful journey had come to a halt for them. Her day started with a dip in the waters of the holy lake of Pushkar, their lives wrapped in ancient tradition and faith.

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